Pasang Lama is an 18 years/male  residing in Nuwakot. He is the case of Post Polio Residual Paralysis which was initially elicited as a very high fever at the age of 3 that persisited for more than a week. Later, the case was diagnosed as Polio in one of the local hospital of his village. Due to lack of idea about the disease, the client was taken to traditional healer. Alas, his body started showing signs of deterioration. Gradually, his mobilty decreased with further complication of right side knee contracture and later he was unable to walk with ease. Therefore, walking had become a challenging for him in his early years of life.

He shifted his residence from Nuwakot to Kathmandu for his further studies. After stepping into the valley of opportunity, he got an opportunity to gain knowledge about his condition. One fine day, he walked inside the gate of NDF Rehabilitaion Centre with an expectation of getting a crutch hoping that he would walk with ease.As soon as the client was screened, he was referred to Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital for surgery to correct his right knee contracture.

With the financial support from Handicap International (surgery project), the surgery became a success and folowed by immediate Physitherapy session in our Rehabilitation centre. In 6 months of time, because of the Physiotherapy as well as Orthosis services, the client has been able to stand and also walk independently.

Prior to surgery , he used to consider himself as a DISABLED PERSON but today, he feels one among the ABLED PERSON. These days he is independently going to college without any means of support. Overall, his confidence has developed and feels as though like he has indeed erceived a new life. In the near future, he aspire to complete his study and earn his living on his own. In addition, his aim is to support his family economically and become an example to the society with a note saying – “Nothing is impossible”.