National Disabled Fund (NDF) has been delivering service of Physical Rehabilitation consisting of mainly Physiotherapy and Prosthetic and Orthotic services since 1981.

Physical Rehabilitation Services project is one of the main projects of the NDF which have been running under prime objectives of rendering quality physical rehabilitation services to socio economically poor people with disabilities (PwDs) of Nepal. Producing assistive Devices and physiotherapy services are the services available in the centre.  Mainly orthosis and prosthesis devices are manufactured. Similarly, walking and mobility aids and development aids are distributed to the disabled people after proper assessment. Apart from these, the Persons with Disabilities who need surgery are referred to the respective hospitals. After surgery, the clients are followed up by the centre and assisted further whether they need physiotherapy, orthosis or prosthesis devices. The strength of the physical rehabilitation services is that it has well qualified and experienced staffs and has a well set up orthopedic appliances production centre .The Centre is centrally located and well known to the government bodies and other organizations and has an upgraded modernized workshop with modern machine and equipments.

The concept of the project is to access physical Rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. The project goal is to make the Persons with Disabilities economically sustained, socially acceptable and be physically mobile. The targeted beneficiaries of this project are the poor Persons with Disabilities mostly post polio, amputee, stroke, cp, other orthopedic congenital deformity and conflict victims. During the reporting period total 605 Persons with Disabilities directly benefited from different services and appliances/ devices of this project.

Under Physical Rehabilitation Service Project NDF has been providing following services:

Physiotherapy Service

NDF has a long experience in providing Physiotherapy Service. Physiotherapy is a kind of treatment, which prevents disease and deformity. Physiotherapists work in partnership with their patients, assisting them to overcome movement disorders, which may have been present from birth, acquired through accident or injury or are the result of ageing or life changing events.

Assistive Device Distribution

NDF produce and provides assistive device such as prosthesis and orthotic, and mobility aids (Crutches, Wheelchairs, White Cane, etc.) to supports and help persons with disabilities to lead as normal life in main stream creating barrier free environment. NDF has its own well equipped workshop with modern and high tech machines, tools and experience human resource.

Community based Rehabilitation (CBR)

NDF mobilizes community disability workers (CDW) in the community level. The main objective of CDW mobilization is provide door to door service for PWDS and develop home environment based practical ‘therapy’ to develop potential and minimize/prevent complications.


The objective of this service is to inform clients about the rehab service and recommend them to other centers or facilities based on clients requirements. The counselor also provide adequate information to the people in the society regarding disability in order to avoid discrimination and create awareness among the people in the society regarding disability in order to avoid discrimination and create awareness among the people making them aware about their rights.

Mobile & Mini Mobile Camps

As a part of community outreach service, mobile camps are organized to increase access to the person with disabilities living in remote and difficult access area with the quality physical rehabilitation services. There are four phase of mobile camps:
1. Feasibility study
2. Assessment
3. Fitment and
4. Follow up
Together with physiotherapy services, the camps intends to provide counseling services to inform its target beneficiaries about the rehabilitation services and make them aware regarding their provided rights.

Occupational Therapy Service

NDF has been providing Occupational Therapy focuses on the personal independence in daily activities and functional rehabilitation. Occupational Therapist provides needful and helpful therapy for PWDS.

Conflict is one of the major causes of disabilities in Nepal. According to the GoN record, There are about 8,000 persons (MoPR’s Record- as of 2012) certified as physically disabled due to the conflict. Majority of them need assisting devices and rehabilitation therapy services. During the conflict period, people have lost their physical parts of the body. On the other hand, their access to the physical rehabilitation services are limited due to the availability of only few physical rehabilitation services. NDF has been providing quality rehabilitation services to the PWDS since 3 decades. In spite of this, there are still enormous needs to further reach more PWDS to avail them of essential rehabilitation service and ensure the service continuity in the remote and conflict-affected districts of Nepal. To address these needs and to ensure the access of quality rehabilitation to facilitate PWDS their requirement of the long-term functioning, the services are planned to the provided by NDF and other rehabilitation centers with financial support to Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction, Nepal Peace Trust Fund and the close technical support from Handicap International. Through the provision of quality and accessible and physical rehabilitation service, conflict affected, vulnerable and isolated persons with disabilities are functionally independent and enabled for their full and equal participation in the society and ultimately contribute to the peace process in Nepal .

NDF has been providing scholarship for creating access to the education for the disabled person. Till date, hundreds of disabled students have got the opportunity of schooling and higher education with the support of this fund. Along with the education support programme, the fund has also been providing vocational and skill development training such as computer, cell phone repair to persons with Disabilities.

NDF has been recognizing outstanding and distinguished feats and contribution of persons with disabilities by conferring them award and prizes. This kind of programs motivates disabled persons in excelling their endeavors, which enable them to live a life of self esteem and respect.

  • Talent Disabled Student Award
  • Disabled Teacher Award
  • Chandra Kumar Bhattrai Blind Talent Award
  • Dhana Indira Rana Deaf Award
  • Hem Ganga Physical Disabled Talent Award