Bindu Sigdel

orthoprosthesis users symbolic picture
Orthoprosthesis users symbolic picture

Bindu Sigdel is physically challenged but as far as her mental ability is concerned she is gifted with extraordinary intellectuality. She stands first in class and takes part in all the extra curricular activities and is always eager to learn everything new. She is so beautiful and her face glimmers with the amazing personality she has. She loves to make new friends, visit new places, and do something creative. She is occupied with all the hopes and aspirations for the better and beautiful life ahead. She never really thinks herself different from mainstream it is the society that has labeled her as the disabled. If you ask me I just want to erase this word disabled. How can the promising girl like Bindu Sigdel be termed as disabled, she is just the physically challenged and she can overcome this physical condition. Thanks to technology, as it has made impossible possible and after wearing the Right Ortho-prosthesis. Bindu has become able to walk the way everybody else does. She is excited how her life would be like.

It feels good when she says she wants to be a doctor and serve the country and she says she would like to work for the betterment of the People with Disabilities like her. It really feels good to hear such noble thought from such a small girl like her. She won’t have to limp from today onwards. I can read in her eyes the thrill and excitement of being able to walk normally. She is wearing the right Ortho prosthesis and it has helped her to walk beautifully. She has always dreamed of walking the way she is doing now.

She knows the pain of being different and ours is the world populated by the beings who doesn’t love difference. She has undergone with all the humiliation one goes in this society when being physically challenged. She says she wants to work for the physically challenged so that she could change the temperament of those able people who views the physically challenged as the other in the society. And this concept of ours has left them marginalized.

Bindu Sigdel is the being who has the potentiality to change the face of the society of tomorrow and create the barrier free condition where the people with disability won’t have to face the discrimination of any kind, where they would be given the equal opportunities and where they can feel that they are not different. She is studying in Khagendra Nava Jeevan Madhymik Bidhyalaya in the fifth grade and her father says that he has brought her here with their suggestions. She holds the immense potentiality within her. This new mobility brought to her with the help of Ortho prostheis has opened the new opportunities in her life and she can go to the places she desires and she won’t have to limp from today onwards. Nobody would notice that she is physically challenged, it is not that she is ashamed with the physical condition she has but it would make her feel physically comfortable. She is so happy with the devices she has got and the mobility she has got with the help of that device. Her parents too are very happy with what has happened with Bindu.

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